How stress can affect your teeth

In todays’ busy society, lots of people are feeling and, in some cases, suffering with stress. It seems that every decade brings with it a new health concern, but one in particular seems it may be here to stay - stress! With less and less time ... Read More

Posted by Pure Dental Solutions on 1st October 2018, under Oral Health

Are your gums healthy?

We are often asked if bleeding gums is a common problem and in truth, the answer to this question is yes. However, gums should not bleed. A recent survey showed that 54% of adults living in the UK have bleeding gums, and although you may think the ... Read More

Posted by Pure Dental Solutions on 1st September 2018, under Oral Health

Implants… the future for missing teeth

Are you embarrassed by your smile? Do you feel uncomfortable eating in front of people? Are you fed up of unstable dentures? Did you know there is a revolutionary treatment that is changing the way people smile? And better yet, do you ... Read More

Posted by Pure Dental Solutions on 1st August 2018, under Implants

Staff changes at Pure Dental Solutions

After years and years of the same people at Pure, we have had a change of personnel recently and we would like to introduce you to the new people who have joined the team. Julie Clements is the Business Manager. She comes from a veterinary backgro ... Read More

Posted by Pure Dental Solutions on 2nd July 2018, under News

Meet our new Treatment Coordinator

We are delighted that Andrea is taking on the role of Treatment Coordinator at Pure Dental Solutions. Andrea, a fully qualified dental nurse has worked at the practice for many years on reception and will continue to do so in the future. In he ... Read More

Posted by Pure Dental Solutions on 25th June 2018, under News

Pure Dental Solutions & GDPR – Protecting Your Data

You will by now be aware of the GDPR or General Data Protection Regulation in full that came into effect on 25th May. The new law supersedes the previous Data Protection Act and serves to greatly enhance consumers rights when it comes to their person ... Read More

Posted by Pure Dental Solutions on 20th June 2018, under Uncategorized

A Simple Solution to the Sugar Problem

Most parents are aware of the impact too much sugar can have on children’s health, and aside from the associations with obesity and type 2 diabetes it also increases the risk of tooth decay, which can become a serious problem if left to develop. ... Read More

Posted by Pure Dental Solutions on 13th January 2016, under Sugar Smart App

Offers and News

Hello, it's been a busy few months for us at our practice. Grant Isherwood has settled in well and we are continuing the offer for the half price patient consultations. This is a massive 50% off new patient consultations normally £90. We are now ... Read More

Posted by Pure Dental Solutions on 3rd November 2015, under Teeth Whitening

Five Common Misconceptions About Adult Orthodontics

Wearing braces as an adult is becoming more acceptable. At the same time, the social stigma of having bad teeth is getting worse. New technology means many adults are now choosing to have orthodontic treatment. But some people still are missing out b ... Read More

Posted by Pure Dental Solutions on 31st March 2015, under Adult Orthodontics

Am I Addicted To Sugar? Find Out If Your Sweet Tooth Is Out Of Control

The World Health Organisation says people need to cut down on sugar, which can cause diabetes, obesity and tooth decay. But reducing your sugar intake doesn't have to be agony. Here are seven ways to reduce the amount of sugar you eat and drink - an ... Read More

Posted by Pure Dental Solutions on 27th February 2015, under Oral Health


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