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Get straight teeth fast with adult braces

Cfast braces are a discreet, fast, fixed brace system able to straighten teeth in four to six months. As a leading Stafford practice, we are happy to offer the innovative Cfast treatment to patients looking for fast, effective teeth straightening.

What are Cfast braces?

Cfast braces are an advanced fixed brace treatment that uses discreet tooth-coloured wires and brackets to move crooked, crowded and gapped teeth into alignment. Cfast braces are ideal for adults and treat a number of different orthodontic conditions. However, to ensure we find the best brace treatment for you we will carry out a thorough analysis of your teeth before a decision is made.

cfast-circle-imageHow does Cfast work?

Cfast focuses on the six teeth at the front of the mouth visible when you smile. By paying particular attention to these teeth there is no need to realign the whole mouth. This could otherwise require years of orthodontic treatment and potential tooth extractions. With Cfast braces, only four to six months is needed to straighten a smile.

Tooth-coloured fixed braces

To move the teeth quickly and effectively Cfast uses discreet tooth-coloured fixed wires and brackets. These move the teeth into their new position with a greater level of control than that provided by clear aligners.

Fix crooked, crowded and gappy teeth

Cfast can treat mild to moderate orthodontic problems such as gaps, crossed teeth, crowding and crooked teeth. We will discuss your dental condition and whether Cfast is the appropriate treatment for you during an initial consultation.

Advantages include:

  • Incredibly fast treatment with results in only 4 to 6 months.
  • Discreet tooth-coloured wires and brackets only noticeable close up.
  • In the majority of cases, no tooth extractions are necessary; the correction is made to the ‘smiling teeth’ rather than the whole bite.

Disadvantages include:

  • Not as discreet as clear aligners, such as our ‘In Line’ Clear aligner system.
  • Fixed braces cannot be removed for meals or teeth cleaning, so a greater level of oral hygiene must be maintained to keep teeth healthy.

Our Stafford Cfast practice is eager to help any patients looking for tooth straightening options, and we will be happy to discuss your treatment options. Call us today !



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