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Our Fees

We know that private dental care is not a cheap alternative. We try our best to balance the quality of the materials we use and the time we take with each patient with the need to make Pure Dental care as affordable as possible.

We carry out such a huge range of treatments , all at differing levels of complexity, that we cannot possibly give a ‘one size fits all’ list of fees. The following is a few example fees which should give you an idea of our pricing.

Our Monthly Plan patients benefit from receiving routine Hygiene care covered as part of their plan payments. Most of our new patients register on a monthly plan once their immediate dental care is stabalised and any reparative care has been completed .

It’s not essential to register on a plan however, by not doing so, your ‘pay as you go’ fees will be higher than those of our regular plan patients. The following are ‘plan patient’ fees.


New patient initial meeting with one of our friendly team members to discuss your dental health, see our lovely practice, discuss any immediate problems, registering with the practice and a rough idea of treatment costs


New patients Clinical consultation with either David Gardner or Grant Isherwood Inclusive of all small xrays, models, photos as necessary and a comprehensive

Verbal report and written, itemised treatment plan. £49
Digital OPG ‘landscape scan’ Xray (should your case require one) £25

Hygienist Care

Plan Price Private Price
Simple, routine appointment once your gum health is stable from £45.85 – £68.75  from £57.30 – £85.95
Full Hygienist consultation and health check £137.50 £171.90 (full hour consultation)
Bespoke Hygiene treatment per hour ( includes all sundries ) £137.50 £172.90

Fillings and restorative work

We are an entirely silver amalgam free practice. We only use tooth coloured materials for fillings.

Plan Price Private Price
Small, simple filling £68.71 £85.95
Moderate filling in an incisor or canine tooth £91.60 £114.50
Premolar and molar fillings £137.50 £172.90
Complex molar fillings £210.00 £262.50

Crowns and bridges

All our laboratory produced items are produced by Uk based labs which comply with the relevant Medical Healthcare directives. Our labs are all registered with the General Dental Council.

Crowns are proven to prolong the lifespan of broken or weakened teeth. Our crowns are all either Zirconia, Ceramic or gold and range in price from £620 to £825 on a plan depending on complexity and materials used. All options carry an unequivocal 2 year warranty against breakage.

Bridges are used to replace missing teeth by ‘latching onto’ nearby teeth which have remained in place. They are not removable and can look great. These are a good option if the supporting teeth are already filled, broken or restored because the bridge will effectively fill gaps AND strengthen the support teeth at the same time. Bridges cost from £1,400.


We only use top quality, Straumann implants from Swizerland. They carry some of the best long tern success data of any manufacturer and are beautifully engineered and manufactured.

Existing patients can take advantage of a free implant consultation at any time


Once a patient decides, in principle, that implants may be a viable option the next stage is to formally carry out a series of checks and measurements to plan the case completely. We call this the ‘implants diagnostics package’

Implant diagnostics – once per case to allow final planning and costing £160

Sample implant costs after diagnostics and initial consultations

Single tooth replaced with single implant and crown in ideal site.
Totally inclusive charge with no hidden extras
Single implant in ideal site to replace TWO teeth side by side £2,600
Lower removable denture held firmly in place with two implants and locator fixtures – includes new lower denture.
A fantastic choice if your denture lifts up all the time
Grafting procedure to stabalise implant in a non ideal situation £400

Tooth Whitening

We use Enlighten products. These are, in our opinion, the industry leader in producing safe, effective products which work and provide substantial lightening which lasts. Prices start from £320.


Plan Price Private Price
Enlighten Evo Night 2 week course to include consultations, reviews, all laboratory items and two syringes of enlighten gel and a complimentary appointment with our hygiene team £320 £400
Enlighten’ B1 Guaranteed’ Evolution whitening course. £470 £587.50
Additional tubes of gel if required £50 each £50 each

In reality we usually find that a course of Enlighten Evo Night and possibly one additional tube of gel suits most patients well.


Plan Price Private Price
Full upper and lower Ivoclar ‘ivocap’ dentures, highest quality teeth and strong impact resistant acrylic £880 £1,100
Chrome partial skeleton denture with ivocap processing and high quality teeth. £1,050 £1,312.50
Temporary short term denture (or a basic second set) £160 £200

Please note: Failed appointments and appointments cancelled with less than 24 hours’ notice will be charged at  50% of the expected fee on the day.


We know that choosing the right dentist is a very important decision, and we know that everyone is individual and needs personal treatment. If you would like to ask us any questions about our service we would love to hear from you.