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Tooth Whitening

Treat yourself to a brand new white smile with our special offer on teeth whitening kits. Prices start from £320. Call us now on 01785 213333.

Enlighten teeth whitening system

At Pure Dental Solutions, we are delighted to offer our clients whitening products from one of the market leaders in the field. Enlighten products have been tried and tested for safety and efficiency over many years. We are an Enlighten approved smile centre.

The most important thing you wear is your smile. Stained, discoloured teeth can leave you feeling unattractive and lead to low self-esteem.

Teeth whitening is an established and safe way to change the colour of your teeth. The only safe materials to use are properly formulated and carefully applied products with properly researched ingredients. These can only legally be supplied by a dentist or dental hygienist, so avoid beauty salons and internet products.

If other materials are used they may permanently damage your teeth. The lightening agent releases oxygen free radicals that can remove the stain molecules in the teeth. Tooth whitening will change the colour of natural teeth but it will not change the colour of existing fillings or porcelain restorations.


Plan Price Private Price
Enlighten Evo Night 2 week course to include consultations, reviews, all laboratory items and two syringes of enlighten gel and a complimentary appointment with our hygiene team £320 £400
Enlighten’ B1 Guaranteed’ Evolution whitening course. £470 £587.50
Additional tubes of gel if required £50 each £50 each

How do teeth whitening kits work?

Custom fitting soft whitening trays are made into which the whitening gel is placed; typically they are worn overnight. The trays are comfortable to wear and quickly become part of your routine.

Different concentrations of gel can be used in different circumstances and the dentist will prescribe the concentration that he or she feels most appropriate. Typically the trays are worn over a 2-3 week period with careful checking at each visit to make sure the process is working as expected.

During the process some patients experience minor sensitivity or irritation but this is short term and always disappears after treatment is completed. The process itself is now accepted as the most conservative way to brighten your smile without damaging the teeth by drilling or using abrasive polishes.

Tooth whitening is an excellent way to brighten up your smile so call today to take up our unbeatable offers. All prices include a screening examination to check suitability and this is complimentary as long as we proceed with the whitening.



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