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We offer Invisalign GO treatments!

What is Invisalign GO?

Invisalign GO is type of Invisalign treatment that moves your teeth from premolar to premolar only. This is a fast and easy way of achieving your dream smile. It works in a way of wearing a sequence clear aligners (thin, transparent , plastic trays) that fit tightly around your teeth, for 1 week each. There are no metal wires or braces attached on the teeth. Usually the treatment is applied on both upper and lower teeth as moving only one of the arches could cause future problems with the way you bite down and function.

How long does it take?

Depending on your initial situation and your treatment goals, it could be anything between 3 months up to 2 years.

Do I need to wear the aligners all the time?

Yes, for successful treatment outcome you need to wear the aligners for 20-22 hours per day. You can take them off for eating and cleaning. You can take them off for a special occasion or a night out, but ideally they need to be worn at all other times.


Can everyone have Invisalign treatment?

Overall yes, as long as you have teeth in your mouth. There may be certain limitation factors in some cases, like implants, bridges, teeth with poor prognosis, gum disease, etc. That is why it is very important that you have full initial consultation and required xrays.

Is it painful?

No, but there might be slight tenderness and pressure feeling at the beginning of the treatment until you get used to the aligners.

Is it expensive?

Our usual price for dual arch Invisalign treatment is £3250, which includes:

  • FREE Invisalign initial consultation
  • FREE 3D treatment presentation to show you the desired final outcome (ClinCheck)
  • FREE electric toothbrush – Oral B Pro 2 2500 + travel case (regular price £45)
  • FREE Boutique home whitening at the end of the treatment (usual price £245)
  • FREE 3 sets of Vivera Invisalign retainers – the most durable and reliable retainers on the market. They will last you for 10 years post-treatment.

The price of the treatment could be spread out with Interest-free Finance for up to 24 months! This will make it affordable and by the time you finish the treatment it could be already paid for.


We know that choosing the right dentist is a very important decision, and we know that everyone is individual and needs personal treatment. If you would like to ask us any questions about our service we would love to hear from you.